Traveling over the summer?

At this time of year, many faculty and staff members are preparing to travel over the summer. If you are benefit-eligible and one of these employees, you should be aware that the university offers a number of benefit programs that will be excellent resources for your journey.

Travel Assistance Program
Travel, for business or pleasure, is an exciting time: going somewhere new or going back to somewhere familiar, seeing new faces or meeting up with former acquaintances and experiencing new things; however, if something happened to you or your family while traveling, would you know what to do?

Your Human Resources benefits team has put together an information packet addressing travel issues, including how your medical, dental and life insurance plans apply while you are abroad and how they can help in different situations. While nobody wants to think of an emergency or illness happening while traveling, it is important to understand your coverage options if it does. This packet was meant to help with just that issue.

One of the highlighted benefits in this information is Assist America, an emergency travel assistance organization that you are qualified to use because of the university’s contract with Unum Provident. There are a number of important services provided by Assist America. While they will help with pre-departure information and assistance in finding lost luggage, the more important services they provide are for medical emergencies. These services include access to English-speaking and Western-trained doctors or facilities anywhere in the world or evacuation to where such care is available, 24-hour multilingual service, medical consultations, a hospital admission guarantee, critical-care monitoring, emergency prescription services, return of mortal remains, care for minor children, and legal and interpreter referrals. Be sure to take your Universal Access Card with you when traveling more than 100 miles away from home or to a foreign country.  

For more information on this program and other options available to you, pick up a booklet from Benefits in Room 213, Aquinas Hall, call (651) 962-6519, or look at the Human Resources Web site in the Benefits Section under Guidelines/Policies/Summaries.

Long-term disability, life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance notification
For any faculty or staff member who will be working outside of the United States for one year or more, UST is required to submit a notification form to Unum. You will find a hardcopy of that notification form with the travel packet. If you would like an electronic version, please go to the HR Web site listed above.

Please send the benefits team your completed notification forms at least 30 days prior to leaving the country on UST business for one year or more. Those forms will be forwarded to Unum Provident. When approved, you will then have written notice, before the trip begins, that your coverage is in place. Note: The insurance carrier, Unum, will not cover any disability or death that fits the criteria outlined above, if an administrative letter has not been issued. Please note that working out of the country is an issue only for the long-term disability, life, and accidental death or dismemberment insurance; it does not affect medical or dental coverage.

If you have any questions, contact the benefits team:

  • Kristin Storrs, (651) 962-6399
  • Jeanne Kittleson, (651) 962-6497
  • Steph Monogue, (651) 962-6519
  • Peter Ronza, (651) 962-6521


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