With just six alumni classes, the University of St. Thomas School of Law is making an international impact. Faculty and alumni have taken their legal skills around the globe to help others in their search for truth and to fulfill their personal callings to pursue social justice.

1. Navajo Nation Professor Scott Taylor serves as one of five commissioners on the Navajo Tax Commission and does ongoing work with the Navajo Nation. He has testified before the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee on behalf of Native Americans.

2. Costa Rica Professor Teresa Collett is working with The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in San José for the promotion and protection of human rights.

3. Brazil Associate Professor Mariana Hernandez-Crespo, originally from Venezuela, is the founder of the St. Thomas International Alternative Dispute Resolution Research Network. To learn more about IADR, turn to Page 18.

4. England Stephanie Aiyagari ’04 works in the U.S. immigration practice area at Le Gall & Aiyagari L.L.P. in London.

5. Switzerland, Ireland and Lebanon Associate Professor Virgil Wiebe co-founded the Cluster Munitions Coalition, a network of NGOs, faith-based groups and professional organizations, in 2003. His work has taken him to Ireland, Switzerland and Lebanon.

6. Uganda Professor Ann Bateson led the transformation of the Ugandan legal system by helping to compile, revise and publish the Laws of the Republic of Uganda (a 28-volume undertaking).

7. Yugoslavia Marie O’Leary ’06 is part of the defense team at the International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague. You can read more about her work at [LINK].

8. Iraq Capt. Jaime Espinosa ’07 is a U.S. Air Force liaison officer to the Central Criminal Court of Iraq.

9. Iraq Lt. Col. Johanna P. Clyborne ’05 is the deputy of intelligence with the 34th infantry in Basra and a language manager who oversees 1,300 linguists.

10. Kenya Professor Mike Paulsen is spending spring semester at Daystar University in Kenya where he is helping to develop their legal education program.

11. Micronesia Allison Laffen ’05 is an attorney with the Legislative Counsel for the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia. She drafts legislation, advises members of Congress and represents Congress in matters brought before the Supreme Court.

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