As Dr. Sam Levy explained in his Jan. 30 Bulletin Today article, the university has embarked on a Learning Architecture Planning Initiative (LAPI) jointly sponsored by him and Dr. Susan Alexander, interim vice president for academic affairs.  This community dialog aims to define needs and issues related to instructional technology and processes that will allow us to move forward strategically to deploy resources in support of learning.

The term learning architecture has been used in the corporate and academic communities to refer to the set of values, the priorities and the system design that enable individuals to meet their learning needs and an institution to foster that learning in a coordinated way.  As we are applying the term through the LAPI, we are investigating issues related to product definition, infrastructure and policy.  We are engaging the UST community in a wide-ranging discussion of the pertinent issues to achieve this goal.

The product definition area encompasses questions such as:

  • “What types of learning activities go on in our classrooms?
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