UST in the News

Here’s a roundup of recent St. Thomas mentions of interest in various media. Read the stories by clicking on the links. Links expire and change as papers move stories to “archive” status. If a link has expired, you’re welcome to purchase access to the stories or use a search engine such as Lexis Nexis, available on the UST Libraries’ website. In some cases, you’ll need to register on the publication’s website in order to access the full text.

The list below is by no means exhaustive. If you see a story about St. Thomas and would like us to include mention of it, be sure to drop us a note at

“Troy Davis and constitutional virtues,” CNN, Sept. 22, 2011. “When I was a federal prosecutor, I had some sleepless nights. On a few occasions, it was after I had lost at trial; I would lie in bed and think of what I did wrong.”

“Cheech and Chong get fired up over fiber,” Minnesota Public Radio, Sept. 22, 2011. “General Mills is creating quite a stir with its hiring of two unrepentant potheads to promote its latest box of Fiber One.”

“Home Prices Still Dropping In Twin Cities,” WCCO, Sept. 22, 2011. “Home prices in the Twin Cities continue to fall. On average home prices in August were down 11 percent from the previous year, according to the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors.”

“Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame names new inductees,” Finance & Commerce, Sept. 22, 2011. “The Shenehon Center for Real Estate at the University of St. Thomas has announced the latest slate of inductees to its Minnesota Real Estate Hall of Fame.”

“$30 million St. Cloud State hockey arena expansion to break ground,” Finance & Commerce, Sept. 23, 2011. “As the city of St. Cloud finishes up a major expansion of its downtown convention center, St. Cloud State University is moving forward with an even bigger hockey arena project.”

“College Students Escape House Fire,” WCCO, Sept. 23, 2011. “A number of college students were able to escape from a house fire in St. Paul overnight. The fire happened just a block away from the house where a fire killed a student last winter.”

“St. Paul Porch Fire Hauntingly Similar to Deadly Blaze 9 Months Ago,” KSTP, Sept. 23, 2011. “It was deja-vu for St. Paul firefighters...a porch fire in a house filled with college students that was just one block away from another, similar deadly blaze that killed a young man last year.”

“The best health care solutions just might bubble up,” Star Tribune, Sept. 24, 2011. “Take it from politician-cum-professor Dave Durenberger: ‘All health care is local.’”

“Different king of Oktoberfest,” Star Tribune, Sept. 25, 2011. “Greg Buck, the president of Productivity Inc., the largest machine-tool distributor in the Upper Midwest, reports that a record 700 students from various technical schools will attend the biannual "Oktoberfest Tool Show" this week in Plymouth.”

“Holiday season heralds more jobs, but retailers can't say how many,” Star Tribune, Sept. 25, 2011. “As Black Friday creeps closer, the staff at Creative Kidstuff toy store will swell from 140 to 230 workers.”

“Donations to defend climate science,” Star Tribune, Sept. 26, 2011. “John Abraham, one of Minnesota's most famous climate scientists,  has started a legal defense fund for his colleagues who become the target of climate change deniers.”

“Slump in law school applicants,” Star Tribune, Sept. 26, 2011. “Law school is no longer a sure bet. Would-be students are noticing.”

“The Language of Great Couples,” Women’s Health, Sept. 2011. “Lovey-dovey language – even your own – can be so corny it makes you want to puke. But researchers have found that it might actually serve a purpose.”

“Target Corp. buys three parcels on Nicollet Mall,” Finance & Commerce, Sept. 27, 2011. “The Target Corp. is the new owner of some prime real estate near the retailer’s corporate headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.”

“Twin Cities house prices: a summer warm-up?” Star Tribune, Sept. 27, 2011. “Home prices in the Twin Cities have been quietly moving upward this summer, according to a widely followed index that shows prices up 9.0 percent from March to July.”

“Tevlin: Bachmann-Hammond: Just the ticket for our times,” Star Tribune, Sept. 27, 2011. “They say politics makes for strange bedfellows. The same might be said about religion.”

“All Grown Up, Frank Gehry's Morandi-Inspired Kiddie Playhouse Leaves Home for College,” ArtInfo, Sept. 28, 2011. “Now that it's three-year, 110-mile journey across Minnesota has come to an end, the Winton Guest House, a 1987 structure by starchitect Frank Gehry, has settled into its new location in Owatonna at the University of St. Thomas, ready to open its doors to the public on October 16.”

“Gehry-designed Winton Guest House ready to open in Owatonna, Minn.,” Chicago Tribune, Sept. 27, 2011. “In architectural circles, the town of Owatonna, Minn. is best known for its extraordinary Louis Sullivan bank, a design whose mastery of color and ornament remains as fresh today as it was when the bank was completed in 1908.”

“Appreciating legacies of success,” Pioneer Press, Sept. 28, 2011. “Frey is a familiar name around the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses of the University of St. Thomas. It's on two St. Paul campus buildings, the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center and the Frey Science and Engineering Center.”

“Bloom’s Off Law School Rose,” Wall Street Journal, Sept. 28, 2011. “We reported earlier in the year that the froth was gone from law schools, with applications for the fall 2011 class trending downward.”

“Counting our blessings,” Pioneer Press, Sept. 28, 2011. “We've begun a list of some of the remarkable gifts to our community over the years.”

“New anatomy lab gets archbishop’s blessing,” The Catholic Spirit, Sept. 28, 2011. “St. Catherine University student Lindsey Kolnick discovered that an anatomy textbook tells only part of the story. Now, as she seeks real-life knowledge about the human body, the student in the school’s doctorate of physical therapy program is among the first to work in its new human anatomy lab, the second largest of its kind in Minnesota.”

“Private colleges build facilities to attract donations and students,” Finance & Commerce, Sept. 28, 2011. “Three weeks into fall classes at Carleton College, art Professor Dan Bruggeman is amazed with what $42 million built at the school’s new Weitz Center for Creativity.”