Full-time UST MBA students Amy Huang, Laura Kalies, Andrew Schwartz, Wendell Spence and Quin Tang were the team leaders for this year’s Mayo Innovation Scholars. The Mayo Innovation Scholars program is a collaborative effort between the Mayo Clinic and selected Minnesota private colleges and universities, with financial support from the Medtronic Foundation and the Mayo Clinic Office of Intellectual Property, as well asadministrative support from the Minnesota Private College Council. The program assists the Mayo Office of Intellectual Property in the assessment of new product submissions by Mayo researchers, provides research opportunities for undergraduate science and business students and provides leadership development and research opportunities for M.B.A. students. UST MBA students were chosen as this year’s team leaders because of their academic backgrounds in science, their leadership experience and their interestin working for science-oriented companies. The students guided teams of undergraduate science, business and economics students in researching specific projects submitted by Mayo Clinic professionals through the Mayo Clinic Office of Intellectual Property.

“It was clear that all stakeholders, including Mayo, the inventors, Mayo liaisons and participating students, have gained a highly favorable impression of St. Thomas and the UST MBA program,” said BillWoodson, assistant dean and director, UST MBA programs.

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