UST School of Education receives $605,000 in government funding

Mark Dayton’s office called on July 9 to congratulate the University of St. Thomas School of Education on being selected to receive funding of $605,000 under the Teachers’ Technology Program administered by the Office of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Department of Education

Project funds are to extend a previously funded program, the RECIPE Project, to pre-service teachers and P-12 practitioners over three years. The program design uses critical thinking, computers as cognitive tools and self-directed evaluation to integrate technology into UST’s SOE P-12 preparation program. Outcomes will include technology-rich lessons and long-term mentoring relationships

The project team consists of Anne Auten, director; Rob Claxton, manager; Karen Koch, assistant manager; Michelle Filkins and Donna Gilliland, curriculum librarians; and Jeannine Harff, clinical placements. Others who served on the proposal-writing team were Ave Beaupre, Mike Mendez and Lorie Yaste.



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