Sen. Richard Cohen (DFL-St. Paul) and five of his constituents: Ellen Crow, University of St. Thomas; Jon Selleys, University of St. Thomas; Jeff Krengel, University of St. Thomas; Joel Barker, Concordia University, St. Paul; and Lynn Freberg, College St. Catherine. 
UST students, faculty and staff participate in Private College Day at the Capitol

Approximately 170 students, faculty and staff from 16 colleges braved below-zero temperatures to attend the third annual Private College Day at the Capitol Feb. 25.

Speakers included representatives from the governor’s office and the House and Senate, including Matt Entenza, House Minority Leader; Charlie Weaver, Gov. Pawlenty’s Chief of Staff; Steve Sviggum, Speaker of the House; Sandy Pappas, chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee; Doug Stang, chair of the House Higher Education Committee; and John Hottinger, Senate Majority Leader.

After the speeches, students fanned out around the Capitol and state office building to meet with their senators and representatives.

Photos of the event can be seen at the Minnesota Private Colleges’ Web site.

There still is time to write to your elected officials to tell them how much you (or a student you know) needs and appreciates the state grant they receive. To find out who represents you in the House and Senate, click here. (Also, see previous Bulletin Today story.)


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