UST's own Math Genius

When Dr. Sanjeev Bordoloi was a young boy, he was often called a “math genius” by his classmates. That may sound flattering to a group of adults, but coming from his classmates, that wasn’t necessarily a compliment, where disco dancers were more popular than geeks. It is by happy coincidence that Dr. Bordoloi shares the same birthdate as Albert Einstein.  Although his early childhood aspirations were to be a professional tennis player, it seemed his proficiency in math provided a more viable career path.

Dr. Bordoloi’s academic prowess gained him admission to some of the world’s best schools. He began at IIT Varanasi in India, where he studied engineering for his bachelor’s degree. He followed that degree with an M.B.A. from Xaviers in India and ended his studies with a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Bordoloi’s research focuses on service management, including health care. He also has conducted research in the entertainment industry on subjects such as Disney and the Minnesota Twins.

Like most of the UST MBA faculty, Dr. Bordoloi had significant work experience before changing careers to academia. This unique perspective from the UST MBA faculty aids their teaching in the classroom; they understand the practical application of the theory they teach. Dr. Bordoloi spent seven years primarily in project management for Motorola, Applied Materials and Tata Steel before becoming a professor.

When asked what brought him to St. Thomas, Dr. Bordoloi, an avid sports fan, said that he wanted to live in a metro area with all four professional sports teams (football, basketball, baseball and hockey). He stated that, as the best private school in Minnesota, the University of St. Thomas offers him the opportunity to teach working professional students who make up the niche market targeted for the Evening, Executive and Health Care UST MBA programs. Students who seek to be challenged and immerse themselves in a practical and comprehensive MBA program on a part-time basis qualify for that niche. And what better location than downtown Minneapolis!

In March of this year, Dr. Bordoloi attained tenure. Congratulations Dr. Bordoloi!