Join in a live national videoconference on “Making the Most of Teaching, Learning and Technology in Higher Education: Connected Education, Collaborative Changes and Compassionate Pioneers.”

The videoconference will be held from noon to 2 p.m. Friday, March 30 (registration required by March 26), in Room 305, O’Shaughnessy Educational Center. Lunch will be provided.

Presenters will be Steve Gilbert, president of the TLT Group; Dr. Steve Ethmann, vice president and director of the TLT Group; and Dr. Randy Bass, executive director of Crossroads, Georgetown University.

Some of the themes that will be addressed are:

  • Trends and patterns in educational uses of information technology
  • Using new technology to support collaborative work
  • Using assessment and evaluation to shape ongoing projects and make decisions about new ones
  • How the scholarship of teaching can promote better educational uses of information technology
  • Identifying and supporting the important work of “compassionate pioneers” who help their colleagues while moving forward themselves

Gilbert hosts a discussion list on Instructional Technology and is the co-founder of the TLT Group, the Teaching, Learning and Technology affiliate of the AAHE. Its goal is to help educational institutions improve teaching and learning by making more sensible use of technology and helping them cope with continual change.

Ethmann is co-founder of the TLT Group’s Flashlight Program, the award-winning program that helps institutions study and improve educational uses of technology while gaining control over time, effort and money and helps educators evaluate and improve their own uses of technology.

Bass is director of American Culture Studies Crossroads Project, an international networking and curriculum innovation project of the American Studies Association with sponsorship from Georgetown University. He also was keynote speaker at the Classrooms of the Future in 1999.

The videoconference is sponsored by the Center for Faculty Development, WebCampus, Instructional Support Services and the University of St. Thomas libraries.

A videotape of the broadcast will be made available to those who are unable to attend. To register, contact Pat Alexander, (651) 962-6022, or send e-mail to


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