Wellness Center, Videography Class Seeks Student Volunteers to Document Health-behavior Changes Over Spring Semester

The Wellness Center is collaborating with COJO 360: Videography to produce student video documentaries. They are recruiting student volunteers to participate in productions that will document health-behavior change in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and sleep.

Student participants will be awarded a $200 gift card to the Bookstore or a store of their choice upon completion of the videos, as well as incentives throughout the filming period.  

Students will receive information, including meeting with a dietitian, on how to eat healthy, increase their physical activity and how to improve their sleep. Students must be willing to be filmed over an eight- to 10-week period during spring semester. Filming will include weekly or biweekly interviews. 

The films will be shown on the Wellness Center website and around campus.

Students interested in the project should email Birdie Cunningham.