The goal of strategic planning for spring semester 2000 is to gather information to assist the executive vice president’s cabinet and the Executive Committee of the board of trustees in the development of strategic directions, which will then guide universitywide strategic planning that will commence in September 2000.

There are many areas worthy of examination for this process. In order to begin in a way that is both manageable and will produce results, six areas have been chosen for study. This decision has been made based on feedback obtained from the Strategic Planning Feedback Survey, the town meetings and the deliberations of the EVP cabinet (for a more detailed look at this feedback, visit the Strategic Planning Home Page at The six areas are:

  1. Catholic Identity and University Mission
  2. Diversity
  3. Enrollment
  4. Faculty
  5. Finances and Facilities
  6. Technology

For each of these areas there are specific questions to focus the study.

I invite and encourage you to participate in this process as a member of a study group. Each group, composed of approximately nine members who are representative of faculty, students and staff, will explore one issue. Training, guidelines, resources and a supporting budget will be provided to each group. Complete details about the study groups, including the focus questions, may be found on the Strategic Planning Home Page (link above).

A chairperson will be selected for each group. In order to assure that each group is representative of the community and a manageable size, I will determine the final composition of the group after consultation with the EVP cabinet and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. Therefore, a particular group in which you are interested may not be available.

It is anticipated that the commitment to this process will be intense and will be completed by the end of the semester. The end result of the study is that each group will make recommendations to the EVP cabinet supported by empirical data. The cabinet will study this information over the summer with a goal of setting strategic directions that will, in turn, be presented to the Executive Committee of the board of trustees. Once approved, these strategic directions will guide unit-based strategic planning.

To volunteer to serve on a study group, please e-mail me at no later than Tuesday, Feb. 22. Indicate your group or groups of interest. The study groups will begin their work with a kick-off event soon after Feb. 28 (several will be scheduled on different dates and times to accommodate schedules).


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