If you received a letter in your mailbox stating that you’re on a waiting list for a January Term abroad course, or if you haven’t decided about a course, do not despair! The International Education Center reports there is still space in these courses:

  • Catholicism and Orthodoxy in the Ukraine
  • Europe and the Story of the Quantum
  • Forest and Coastal Research/Introduction to Field Research in Costa Rica
  • Hellenizing England: How Ancient Greece has Shaped the Literature and Art of Modern England
  • Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture in Southern Spain
  • Introduction to Theater in London
  • Psychoanalysis and Feminism: French, British and American Perspectives
  • Social Work in Nicaragua
  • New York Theater and Culture
  • ACTC Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies: The Northern Ireland Context
  • British Health Care: Meeting Special Needs
  • Christian Worship: Font of Art, Architecture and Music
  • The English School and Family: A Comparative Study
  • The Artist’s Book, Provence in Paris: Beginning Drawing and Beginning French
  • Landscapes of Faith: Cathedrals, Abbeys, and Parishes
  • Law in London and Dublin
  • Most German of the Arts: Music and German National Identity
  • Peopling Paradise: Migrants, Missionaries and Money in Hawaii
  • Sailing in the Virgin Islands
  • Scandinavian Economy, Culture and Society
  • Spain: The Influence of National Culture on Organizational Practices
  • Tradition and Modernity in Africa: The Experience of Ghana
  • Taiwan, the Economic Miracle, Through the Lens of Asian Culture

For course descriptions, visit the International Education Web site and find the January 2001 section, or visit the center, 44 N. Cleveland Ave.





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