Still haven’t made summer plans? Don’t like your summer plans? Consider studying abroad for up to a month this summer.

Applications for all the courses are available from the International Education Center, 44 N. Cleveland Ave.

Here are the possibilities:

Intercultural Communication in Barcelona, Spain (COMM 230)
Faculty director: Dr. Tom Endres, Communication
Extended summer session
Priority deadline: Feb. 25. Final deadline: March 15

This course will examine theories of intercultural communication, using Barcelona as a case study, to assess the influence cultural values have on social behavior, and to develop strategies for effective intercultural interaction. Using readings, lectures and class discussions as a base, students will explore the history, architecture, contemporary culture and business practices of Barcelona to better understand the role of verbal and nonverbal symbolic message exchange within a dynamic cultural context.

Beginning with three weeks of meetings here on campus to set the foundation, the class will travel to Barcelona to experience intercultural communication. Scheduled visits include trips to the History of the City and History of Catalonia museums, the National Palace, Spanish Village, Gothic Quarter, and the famous La Rambla. Of particular interest will be the role of language and cultural identification associated with the demise of Franco’s regime in the 1970s and the presence of the 1992 Olympics.

Course credit:

  • Four credits with an optional two-credit course in Advanced Readings in Intercultural Communication
  • Prerequisite: Sophomore standing
  • Fulfills: Major-field elective for communication majors and minors, allied requirement for business majors and minors, and university human diversity requirement


  • Program fee is approximately $3,550 (plus a $75 off-campus study fee). Fee is based on the participation of 15 students. Includes: tuition, airfare, accommodation, transportation and entrance fees
  • The two-credit option will cost an additional $200 per student.

Social Work in Bristol, England
Faculty director: Dr. Barbara Shank, Social Work
Summer session I
Application deadline: March 15

This new study-abroad program is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate social work students. Students will participate in the University of Bristol Comparative Public Policy Program, which is structured around an independent study, directed by Shank.

The Comparative Public Policy Program is for students seeking college credit and practitioners seeking professional development. Students, faculty and practitioners from across the United States participate in this two-week summer program. The program concentrates on child welfare and domestic violence services. Different approaches to child protection and social service in both theory and practice in the United States and United Kingdom are identified.

Through interdisciplinary dialogue and a blend of classroom and field experiences, strategies for preventive, community-based service are analyzed and evaluated. The hallmark of the Bristol Program is customized study. Participants, with a mentor, design an experience that links them with key professionals and provides opportunities to make field visits.

Course Credit:

  • Four or two credits for undergraduates; Three credits for graduate students
  • Counts toward the social work major and minor, and MSW program.


  • Four undergraduate credits or three graduate credits = $2,650
  • Two undergraduate credits = $2,450
  • The program fee includes tuition, accommodations and scheduled excursions. Some meals may be included, depending on accommodation.

Spanish and Cultural Studies in Mexico
Faculty director: Shelly Ann Moorman, Modern and Classical Languages
Summer session I
Application deadline: March 29

Zacatecas is one of the most beautiful colonial towns in Mexico with its attractive old buildings and cobbled streets. It is situated in the heartland of Mexico, dominated by hills and surrounded by a plateau. This course will allow you to explore the rich artistic and cultural life, study with a small group in Zacatecas, share your culture with your Mexican family and enroll in Temas hispanicos [SPAN 330]

Course credit

  • Prerequisites: SPAN 300 and a B-average overall
  • Four culture credits granted for minors in Spanish
  • Four language credits toward your major in Spanish


$2,200 program fee, based on the participation of seven students. This fee includes: airfare, transportation, room and board, tuition and scheduled excursions.



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