Facilities Management to use New Work Order System

Beginning Sept. 1, Facilities Management will begin using MaintenanceDirect, a new work order system, which will replace and improve the process of requesting, scheduling, and completing work.
St. Thomas community members will reap the benefits of a simplified interface allowing them to categorize the type of request, to receive an email confirmation once submitted, and to attach pictures for clarification.
This new system also aids the facilities team with process efficiency and significantly reduces their paper footprint as part of their commitment to sustainability. Under this new model, each work order will be quickly routed to the appropriate staff who receive an iPad alert that encourages faster communication and better electronic tracking of job progress. MaintenanceDirect also includes a new feature for automated scheduling to ensure university equipment receives the necessary preventative maintenance and care for optimal performance.

If you have any questions on this new process, please contact Facilities Management at (651) 962-6530.