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The lower quad is seen against a purple and blue sky at sunset.
St. Thomas 2025

A Bold Aspiration

The St. Thomas 2025 Strategic Plan provides a map to our future as a university.

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St. Thomas Magazine

Summer 2021 Issue

The Summer 2021 issue of St. Thomas Magazine features stories that highlight priorities in St. Thomas 2025 including a Q&A with President Julie Sullivan, an update on the planned STEAM complex, a look at the Racial Justice Initiative and a piece about the first Dougherty Family College alumni to graduate with a St. Thomas bachelor's degree.

This Issue Saved 139 Trees!

Sustainability is a St. Thomas 2025 priority. By receiving our magazine exclusively online, you reduce our carbon footprint and help build a more sustainable future. This issue saved 139 trees and eliminated 14.7 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Help us keep it up! 

The sun shines through a tree over Aquinas Chapel, the Iversen Center for Faith and Tommie North Residence Hall on a beautiful sunny spring morning. Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas
Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

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