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St. Thomas Magazine

The Innovators Issue

In this digital edition of St. Thomas magazine, you’ll meet our innovators! You’ll meet new St. Thomas leaders who are reinvigorating their departments. You’ll discover ways in which we’re expanding our pipeline of students and widening our circle of impact. And you’ll learn how our mission is elevating the university as a cutting-edge force for good, changing lives and strengthening communities.

St. Thomas Goes Digital

This digital issue of St. Thomas magazine is a three-part series. If you enjoy our content, please share the stories on your social platforms. In the 2023-24 school year we will become 100% digital. We will close out the current school year with one more hard copy magazine, but you’ll still find all the same content delivered to your inbox.

You can access all our St. Thomas magazine and Newsroom stories online in the Newsroom.

The sun shines through a tree over Aquinas Chapel, the Iversen Center for Faith and Tommie North Residence Hall on a beautiful sunny spring morning. Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas
Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas