Write letters of thanks to St. Thomas' priests

Pope Benedict XVI has declared this the Year of the Priest. The Knights of Columbus is organizing an event with Catholic Studies and Campus Ministry to thank the priests at St. Thomas.

A Mass and reception will be celebrated for UST priests this spring. The Knights plan to give each priest a book of letters from students, faculty and staff. These can be thank-you letters, a written account of a priest’s help in your life, or something that you admire about them. The letters don’t have to be long; just offer a simple “thanks” for their dedication.

Don’t know who to write? Send a letter to priests in leadership positions, to those who teach and those who work quietly behind the scenes. Retired priests also gave many good years of service to St. Thomas. Write several letters or notes, if possible, to a particular priest or express gratitude to priests in general for their presence on campus.

E-mail letters to Paul Shovelain by Thursday, Dec. 31. He will compile them over January Term and send them to the UST Service Center to make individual books for each priest with the letters to that priest, as well as with letters written to priests in general.