Globalization, Diversity and Inclusion

Our college’s defining view of globalization puts an emphasis on what might be called the “home and away” dimensions. We see that we have an important role in helping our students become more effective managers and leaders in the face of global business challenges. Correspondingly, we also aspire to become a valued partner with local businesses that operate in an increasingly globalized environment.  That is the “away” side of things; are we helping Minnesota managers and businesses more successfully go forth and compete in a global business environment?

From the start, however, the Global Business Education Initiative in the college has asserted that the “home” side was of equal importance. That is, we need to be attentive to the impact of globalization on our community. We believe this is essential in its own right, but we also recognize that a commitment to our community and a value-based approach to everything we do is central to the university’s identity. We have significant strengths in areas that are very relevant to meeting the local challenges that globalization presents to our community--ethics, social responsibility, nonprofit management, entrepreneurship, health care and so on.

Notable in our local focus is the role globalization has played, and does play, in the increasing diversification of our community. The presence of important immigrant populations and the challenges and opportunities this presents must be a subject of attention for any modern business school.

Expect to hear more about steps that are being taken to get the Opus College of Business more fully engaged in the local challenges of globalization.