Success in a Challenging Job Environment: Your Brand at Work

In this competitive work environment, it is necessary to succinctly state what you bring to the workplace. The seminar was a working session and participants outlined their key competencies, standards and style.

By developing a professional brand statement, you evaluate your competencies or roles by labeling your specific job title and capabilities.  Examples of roles include: analyst, administrator, marketer, coach, and negotiator.

Standards are defined by how you conduct yourself in the workplace: well-prepared, flexible, ethical, industry expert, pragmatic, and creative.

Style refers to how you relate to others: enthusiastic, professional, courteous, communicative, realistic, and dynamic.

After developing your professional brand, you need to promote how you are perceived by others and take action by building your brand internally and externally.  The seminar outlined specific steps to take to put your brand in action.  The program ended with the “Ultimate Brand Question”—When your name is mentioned, what do people think of?   That is your brand!