Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! I hope everyone had great holidays. My husband and I traveled back home to spend the holidays with our family and friends and just came back last Thursday to start preparing ourselves for the next semester.

Today we started J-term. During this period we are going to dedicate exclusively to our leadership and verbal labs. These labs are great added and unique value of the UST MBA program. They give us crucial tools to our development as well-rounded business leaders. Through these two weeks we will also acquire the knowledge needed to have a more successful 2nd semester.

And what better way to start this process that by giving and receiving feedback to leverage your strengths and work on your blind spots. Therefore, today in leadership lab we learned how to provide effective feedback and we did 360 assessments of ourselves and our past teammates. The task was quite challenging but with the guidelines of our professor and graduate assistant I believe all of us managed to give very helpful feedback to one another.

Then in the afternoon we had the opportunity to learn about another great resource that we have available: Personal Counseling Services. Available for any student in need of help handling the pressure of the program or other problems. It is staffed by a team of psychologists and one of them gave us a workshop about how to handle stress.

Finally we closed the day with an open forum where the International Students shared how business operates in their country (about 20 percent of the students in the Full-time MBA are from outside the U.S.); a perfect opportunity to take advantages of the great diversity of our cohort and become better global business leaders.