In the News: Unlikely interview set Brandon Staley on journey from St. Thomas to head coach of the Chargers

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St. Thomas football head coach Glenn Caruso shared with the Star Tribune how he came to interview and hire Brandon Staley, who is now the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. 

From the article: He couldn't bring himself to cross back into Illinois because of something University of St. Thomas head coach Glenn Caruso had told him hours earlier during an interview for an opening to coach the Tommies' defensive line and special teams.

"Brandon was a longtime quarterback, an offensive guy who was working in administration as a graduate assistant on Jerry Kill's staff at Northern Illinois," Caruso said. "I think he was wondering, 'Why does this guy have me up in St. Paul interviewing for a defensive job?'

"But I liked him right away. I said to him, 'I'm going to offer you the job, and I think you're going to call me before you get to the Illinois state line, and I think you're going to accept it.'"