Interviewing: a two-way street

Class of 2011 photos 003You've got your foot in the door at a job interivew. Things are actually going well. What a relief. Then, you're asked, what questions do you have for us?

What do you ask? You should know everything from the website already, right? Now what?

Career Rocketeer, a career search and personal branding blog, helping ambitious career entrepreneurs to "launch" their careers to greater heights has some great ideas on "interviewing your interviewer":

Most people, when interviewing for a new job, forget the process is supposed to be a 2-way street. It’s as important for you, as a candidate, to determine if the job, the company, the culture, and the work environment is right for you as it is for the company to determine if you’re right for them. You do yourself no favors by accepting an offer for a job that is not a good fit. It will make you miserable, your employer dissatisfied, and likely not end well.

Here's a few examples of good questions to ask:

  • Where do you see someone successful in this role going next?
  • What personality characteristics tend to be most rewarded in this organization?
  • What’s the difference between successful people here and ones that only get by?
  • Would you say this is a very structured environment or not… can you give me examples?
  • What, if any, leadership traits are you looking for in this role?

There is lots more on the Career Rocketeer posting.What are some good questions you've asked your interviewer in job interviews?