Meet Sarah Buell ’09 M.B.A.

A desire for personal and professional growth, a sense of achievement and the ability to remain competitive as a business professional were the three main reasons driving me to pursue my M.B.A. The Evening UST MBA program was particularly attractive to me for many reasons, including the overall culture and reputation of the university, the quality of the professors, the focus on global leadership and ethics, the small class sizes, and the flexible course offerings.

The professors at UST are very much focused on helping students translate the course content into actionable items and real-world situations. One of many examples is from an operations management course in which we discussed reverse engineering one evening. The next day at work, I was able to directly apply that knowledge and cut costs by making slight changes to some of our day-to-day processes.

Because classes are designed for both lecture and classroom discussions, students always have opportunities to contribute and interact with others in class. One of my favorite class experiences was when our management professor used students and their responses to certain questions to highlight differences in personalities. We learned so much about the importance of respecting and embracing diverse personality types both in the classroom and in the workplace.

Throughout the program, I have been able to meet hundreds of students who share similar goals but have very diverse backgrounds and work in various industries. Out of those connections, I have formed lifelong friendships and established future networking connections. Learning from peers is a critical part of the UST MBA experience and significantly enhances the classroom environment.From career services to volunteer opportunities, UST has much more to offer than just academics. The two opportunities I enjoyed most were the networking events in which I was able to get to know other students and the Master’s Pub seminars in which guest speakers from various corporations shared their professional experiences and wisdom with students in a casual environment.

The UST MBA program also helps you connect with professors. On a recent Business Law and Ethics in the European Union study abroad course held in Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium, I was able to talk with my professors outside of a typical classroom environment. Not only was the course an amazing learning experience, but now I have two additional excellent resources at UST.

My UST MBA experiences have helped me grow toward becoming a global business leader. I directly attribute the knowledge and experience I have gained from the UST MBA program to my recent career advancement. I am confident that my M.B.A. from UST will help me continue to progress in my career.


Graduated: M.B.A. ’09
Employer: Buell Consulting, Inc.
Position: as Director of Finance
Undergraduate degree: University of St. Thomas, B.A. '05