Dennis Curley, Kristine Enea and Chad Sokol headshots.
(l-r): Dennis Curley, Kristine Enea and Chad Sokol.

Podcast Series Examines Work Fulfillment Across Careers

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The Melrose and The Toro Company Center for Principled Leadership has released a new three-part series on the “Work in Progress with Christopher Wong Michaelson” podcast. The new series, titled “Is Your Work Worth It?” is a set of interviews with three people who appear in Michaelson’s new book, Is Your Work Worth It? Each interviewee shares their story about what makes their work worth doing in a life worth living.

Christopher Wong Michaelson headshot.
Christopher Wong Michaelson (Brandon Woller ’17/University of St. Thomas)

“Is your work worth it? The title of my new book with my friend and coauthor Jen Tosti-Kharas poses that very question – because don’t we all, at some point, wonder whether what we get out of our work is worth what we give to it?” Michaelson said. “Of course, sometimes, the question is rhetorical, when we have no choice but to do it, but we can dream of meaningful work, can’t we?”

Jennifer Tosti-Kharas headshot.
Jennifer Tosti-Kharas

Podcast interviewees discuss their unique work stories, openly discussing their highs and lows along the way. Sometimes their story was about what they did for work, other times it was about what they gave up to do their work, and still other times it was about how their careers played out in ways both anticipated and not.

“In the process of doing these interviews, we learned that just about everyone has an interesting work or career story to tell. We hope their stories not only entertain you but also inspire you to consider what makes your work worth it – or not,” Michaelson said.

Is Your Work Worth It? Part One: A conversation with Dennis Curley

Dennis Curley has sung “Sweet Caroline” at least 1,000 times. That helps to explain why he says, “You can’t base your perception of who you are on what you do.” Listen to what makes Dennis’ work as a music performer worth it.

Is Your Work Worth It? Part Two: A conversation with Kristine Enea, J.D.

Kristine Enea, J.D., has had many careers: in law, big tech, writing a book, politics, and real estate, among others. Now 58 years old, she is a student again, preparing for her next career: a medical doctor. Listen on for her take on what makes her work worth it.

Is Your Work Worth It? Part Three: A conversation with Chad Sokol

Chad Sokol has held some of the best executive positions we can imagine, as the head buyer of wine, beer, and now candy at Costco, the U.S.-based warehouse club retail chain. But on his career journey, he has also operated a drill press machine and herded carts in the parking lot. Was it mentioned he also performs music and is a published poet? Listen on for his take on what makes his work worth it.

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