Engineering Change in Peru

Julia Lindell ’23
Hometown: Forest Lake, Minnesota
Major: Electrical engineering

What are some words you would use to describe yourself?
Curious. Thoughtful. Kindhearted. Determined. Honest. A bit impulsive.

What made you interested in an electrical engineering degree?
I’ve always enjoyed math and science and liked the idea of applying theoretical knowledge to real-life problems. I chose electrical engineering because the world is increasingly implementing more electrical systems and connected devices.

What do you enjoy most about engineering at the University of St. Thomas?
Hands down my favorite part of engineering at St. Thomas has been forming strong relationships with my professors. I’m constantly impressed by their depth of knowledge and am so grateful they make themselves so readily available to students.

Tell us a little bit about your senior design project in Peru.
It was an amazing experience. We designed a solar-powered water pumping system to bring water to the farming community to drive stronger crop growth. A highlight was digging the well and installing the water pump we designed. It was so exciting to see water coming out of the tubing nearly 90 meters up the mountain!

How has your work in Peru impacted your life?
It affirmed I have a heart for working in places where I can really get to know the people I’m working with and where there is a need to solve problems in unconventional ways. I learned I thrive in situations where I am stretched to try new things, and that there is beauty in the different ways other cultures carry out their lives.

This story is featured in the spring 2023 issue of St. Thomas Engineer.

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