Final Thoughts

Can you identify Kascht's cast of caricatures from the cover of the 1981 Aquinas yearbook?

1981 Aquinas yearbook cover caricature IDs

  1. Father James Whalen, Journalism
  2. Walter Mondale, former U.S. vice president
  3. Eileen Michels, Art
  4. Harry Fleddermann, Theology
  5. Jack Brownstein, Geology
  6. Winston Chrislock, History
  7. Richard Connell, Philosophy
  8. Father David Smith, Theology
  9. Brian Dusbiber, Residence Life
  10. Mohamed Selim, Economics
  11. James McCarthy, Speech and Theater
  12. Mary Supel, Economics
  13. Donald Leyden, vice president for administration
  14. Gerald Hahm, Mathematics
  15. Father John Malone, Business Law
  16. Jim Farrell, English
  17. Kenneth Baltes, Quantitative Methods
  18. Robert Lippert, English
  19. John Buri, Psychology
  20. James Leigh, Physics
  21. Robert Foy, English
  22. Charles Heidenreich, Political Science
  23. Father Robert Wellisch, English
  24. Charles Keffer, provost
  25. Monsignor Terrence Murphy, president
  26. Father James Stromberg, Philosophy
  27. Fred Flynn, Philosophy
  28. Father Ted Guminga, Sociology


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