Green Team Hands out 'Caught Green Handed' Tickets Today

As a Recyclemania promotion, the Green Team will be on the lookout today, Thursday, March 15, for students, faculty and staff using the recycling bins around campus. Those who are spotted recycling will get a “Caught Green Handed” ticket, which can be turned in during convo hour for a slice of pizza.

The Green Team will be posted in Campus Way, located on the second level of the Anderson Student Center, with information on how the St. Thomas community can help the university pull ahead in the national Recyclemania competition; in addition, receive a free “I Pledged” water bottle upon signing a pledge to reduce your waste habits for life, especially plastic consumption.

Recyclemania is a national recycling competition among college campuses. The contest ends March 31. St. Thomas is in first place in Minnesota, with St. John’s and Gustavus Adolphus following close behind. St. Thomas is ranked 91 out of 605 universities.

More information on the rankings and competition can be viewed on the Recyclemania website.