Report from the UST MBA International Club

Last semester, 20 international students joined the Full-time UST MBA program. The International Club, whose mission is to, among other things, foster stronger ties between international and native born UST MBA students through the promotion of culture awareness; and provide opportunities to network with leaders and share valuable leadership strategies, experiences and ideas, held a variety of activities for its members and all Full-time UST MBA students this fall.

The semester activities for the club started with a Fireside Chat and concluded with the famous International Student’s Potluck. The potluck has always been the most anticipated event for the cohort each semester and last semester had one of the best turnouts and more than 30 dishes displayed.

As part of the 1st year J-term schedule, Lynn Sallah and Anvar Nigmatullin moderated a discussion on the topic of culture and business. This discussion was scheduled to allow the first-year students to learn about different cultures and the business environment in the various continents. To live by the mission of the UST MBA program—which is to educate highly principled global business leader—this was one of those ways of educating fellow students with the resources and knowledge of the international students.

In the coming semester, the International Club is working on an event focusing on leadership, with a number of leaders from Fortune 500 companies who came to the United States as international students, looking at their journey to leadership roles within their companies. Other activities are still in the discussion stage and will be finalized in the course of the semester.

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