Spearheading a real estate development project AND being a student

Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) student Annalisa Cariveau grew up an only child in Mound, MN. Annalisa’s parents own and manage their own IT and communications company, her aunts started photography and graphic design businesses, her uncle created an international semiconductor test company in his basement, and the list goes on. Entrepreneurship seems to be in the Cariveau family’s blood.

When it came time for college, Annalisa sought warm weather and beaches, and chose the University of Miami. There she obtained a BS in Marketing with minors in Spanish, Sports Medicine, and Advertising. When asked why she obtained so many minors, she explained that she had so many interests!

During the final year of Annalisa’s studies at “the U,” she entered a campus-wide Business Plan Competition. During this contest, she developed extensive plans for a 150 million dollar luxury marine resort catered to powerboats. To her surprise, she advanced one round after another, ultimately taking 3rd place.

More important than the distinction was the mentoring Annalisa received throughout the process. She explained, “Each round that we advanced, the school paired us with a new mentor in the industry. My mentors were accomplished real estate developers from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and New York City and they all truly inspired and help me understand my potential. To this day, I still stay connected with them and they provide their expert opinions when I need it most.”

At about this time, Annalisa’s family purchased 380 acres of land that was being logged in Bayfield, WI. The intent was to preserve and develop the land, and who better to tackle the enormity of this development than Annalisa, who had just finished her bachelor’s degree? Leaving her beaches behind, Annalisa returned to Minnesota to begin the project.

Bayfield holds a special place in Annalisa’s heart. It was in Bayfield that some of her earliest memories occurred, when her family vacationed there. She hopes to leave a permanent, positive footprint on the area through her multi-faceted development proposal. She aims to develop a private airport, allowing fly-in access for families to come be a part of the Bayfield community and support local businesses. Annalisa also plans to preserve ½ of the acreage for natural open space and wetlands, and she is exploring the development of future agricultural ventures. Learn more specifics on Annalisa’s extraordinary vision for Bayfield.

Annalisa knew she wanted to return to school, and after careful research, she discovered the MSRE program at the University of St. Thomas. She explained, “St. Thomas was the perfect fit for me with my long range development plans just starting to take shape. There is a terrific network of students, faculty and mentors that have helped encourage me along this journey.”

In addition to spearheading a significant real estate development project while being a student, Annalisa was excited to obtain her pilot’s license this July, and she regularly flies to and from Bayfield when the weather is good!