St. Thomas is a Top 25 Law School for Scholarly Impact

The University of St. Thomas School of Law lands at No. 23 in a recent study ranking the top 70 law school faculties based on scholarly impact.

The report looks at mean and median citations to tenured faculty scholarship from 2013-17. Most highly cited among the St. Thomas faculty are Thomas Berg, Robert Delahunty, Neil Hamilton, Lyman Johnson, Wulf Kaal, Joel Nichols, Jerry Organ, Michael Stokes Paulsen, Gregory Sisk and Robert Vischer.

“This ranking places us in very impressive company and underscores our success building a strong faculty whose research has an impact far beyond Minnesota,” Vischer, dean of the School of Law, said. “In 2015 – the last year in which these rankings were compiled – St. Thomas was No. 39 in the nation.”

The study was led by St. Thomas Professor Gregory Sisk alongside law librarian Nicole Catlin, and law students Katherine Veenis and Nicole Zeman.

The top 30 schools are:
1. Yale University
2. Harvard University
3. University of Chicago
4. New York University
5. Columbia University
6. Stanford University
7. University of California, Berkeley
8. Duke University
9. University of Pennsylvania
10. Vanderbilt University
11. University of California, Los Angeles
12. University of California, Irvine
13. Cornell University
14. University of Michigan
14. Northwestern University
16. George Washington University
16. University of Virginia
16. Georgetown University
19. University of Texas, Austin
19. George Mason University
21. University of Minnesota
21. Washington University, St. Louis
23. University of California, Davis
23. University of St. Thomas
23. University of Southern California
26. University of Notre Dame
27. Boston University
28. College of William & Mary
29. University of Colorado, Boulder
29. Florida State University
29. Fordham University

The list of the top 50 schools is visible on Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports, and the full report is available on the Social Science Research Network.