Stars, Rome and Home: My Spring Semester (So Far)

Isn’t it interesting that I never know what input my fingers will have when they begin their trek across my keyboard? I’ve been trying to formulate a blog for a week now on some pithy, concentrated subject. Since that’s obviously not working (as my editor can attest), this will be a catchall of sorts: what’s going on towards the end of February as a sophomore at St. Thomas.

I am blessed to be taking three full-credit classes this semester as well as again being involved in my one-credit Liturgical Choir. This is a blessing because I am able to spread out my scholarships a bit further with one less full-credit class. I also can work more hours and also spend more time with friends and family. One of my three classes is Astronomy. I always appreciated stargazing while growing up in a small, rural town (what else was there to do?). I find it very fascinating, then, to see beautiful shots of galaxies, planets and the like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. However, I am not so fascinated with finding my old nemesis in the curriculum, Math, who likes to walk hand-in-hand with a new nemesis, Physics. But like Mom would say (and will say as she reads this), “It’s all about the attitude!”

Speaking of Mom, I’d like to welcome both my parents to a lovely, little house in Brooklyn Park, Minn. That’s right. They moved! Now I am a 20-minute drive from home instead of a six-hour one! As soon as I retake my driver’s license written test and pass (gulp), I too will be an official citizen of the frozen North.

What else is pending? Well, like many students at St. Thomas, my classes are beginning to head toward the dreaded exams. While standing in line for a Mary Sandwich (yum) the other day in the Binz, I read her posted sticky note that mentioned how few days were left until spring break. I cringed. Why? Two words: mid-term exams. Like always, though, I will stick it out, studying with purpose and thoroughly enjoying the semi-relaxation that will follow.

Finally, and most thrillingly, I recently learned I will be studying abroad in the spring of 2013. It’s hard to imagine being so far away in less than a year. My destination: Roma! The study-abroad program sponsored through Catholic Studies is renowned and highly recommended. It will be a beautiful opportunity to be immersed in another culture, visit the heart of my church and avoid Minnesota weather; because Rome is getting record amounts of snow this year and Minnesota is barely getting any, I figure the tables will turn back to the norm by next.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my Minnesota time, the little snow we do have and the rest of my busy semester.