Take it From Me…Beware the "Form Essay"

As admissions adviser for the UST MBA Programs, I have a passion for the exceptional program we offer. That is why I “hit the streets” telling people about our fully-developed, relevant MBA curriculum, our unique culture that is at once cutting-edge and collaborative, our highly credentialed faculty, and the list goes on... As I review applications, I am looking for candidates who similarly understand and respect the value of the St. Thomas MBA, for candidates who have done their research and choose to apply here because they know what makes us unique.

Now, I understand that many candidates apply to more than one school. This is wise because admission to a particular program is not a guarantee. However, I am not overly impressed when I read a candidate’s essay, submitted to the UST MBA program that states, “I am excited to apply to [insert name of some other business school here], and it is my top pick.”

The problem with this statement and others like it is twofold. First, it shows a lack of proofreading, which could indicate insufficient effort or care on your application. Second, it is dishonest. How can more than one school be your “top pick?” Even though many application essay questions are similar, don't reuse or mail merge them.

Take it from me, ensuring you have the [correct school name] on your application can go a long way.