St Thomas’ own "great Minnesota get-together"

The Minnesota State Fair starts tomorrow and for us that will mark 11 years since St. Thomas first hosted a booth at the fair.  UST volunteers welcome visitors and answer questions about St. Thomas.  Passers-by range from prospective and current students, parents, alumni—and some people stop by just for the free purple bags.

After all, you’ll need that purple bag to carry your stuff while you try the Breakfast Lollypop, Sweet Corn Ice Cream and Salad-on-a-Stick.  Salad?  On a stick?  This year Fair-goers can also exhibit their singing talent in a "giant sing along, karaoke style," show their endurance in the 5K Milk Run, and navigate over 320 acres of land in search of that perfect pronto pup.  What a great way to spend some time at the end of August...which gets me back to St Thomas’ own "great Minnesota get-together"—Full-time MBA Launch!

Launch week is the UST MBA version of new student orientation and it is our way of welcoming our students and getting them acclimated to their new environment.  It’s a new beginning, a new path for their future and for many, a new place to call home.  Students connect with world-class faculty, interact with fellow students and network with our distinguished alumni.

They will engage in team-building activities, work through business cases; use critical thinking to confront ethical issues and hone their leadership and communication skills.  They’ll navigate their way through the next 21 months on their way to earning their M.B.A.  There is a lot to look forward to this fall at St. Thomas and it really is a great Minnesota get-together. Although we can’t promise a taste of salad-on-a-stick, we can guarantee that a decision to pursue a St. Thomas MBA is a great choice.

So if you’re at the Fair and you wander by the Education Building, stop by and say hi to the volunteers from St. Thomas.  And be sure to ask about the MBA program.  You’ll be glad you did.