2014 First Destinations of Undergraduate Alumni Now Available

The Career Development Center recently sent out a survey to those who graduated during the 2013-14 school year and found that 93.9 percent reported employment, enrollment in a graduate program, volunteer service or enlistment in the military.

We were able to collect activity data on 974 (70 percent) of the graduating class. We found that full-time employment remained steady but the number of recent graduates enrolled in graduate school decreased.

Employment, graduate school enrollment and salary reports differ by academic program and career path, but here are some of the results of the survey:

  • Of those responding to the survey, 16.11 percent currently are enrolled in an advanced degree program, a 3.7 percent decline from last year. For those enrolled, 94.6 percent are full-time students, an increase of 4 percent over last year.
  • Of those reporting employment, 44 percent secured their jobs more than a month before graduation, about 15 percent secured jobs around a month before or after graduation and an additional 23 percent were employed within eight months of graduation. Eight percent of graduates were not seeking employment, many of whom reported being enrolled in graduate school.

Here are the respondents’ employment statuses:

  • Employed full time: 557 (65.61 percent)
  • Employed part time: 130 (15.31 percent)
  • Volunteer service: 24 (2.83 percent)
  • Military service: 10 (1.18 percent)
  • Not employed, currently seeking: 58 (6.83 percent)
  • Not employed, not seeking: 70 (8.24 percent)

Sixty-five of the 70 not seeking employment currently are enrolled in graduate school.

The median salary range for the Class of 2014 was $35,001-$40,000. The median salary for each academic program or career path varies.

Median salary ranges for those employed full time or in the military:

  • College of Arts & Sciences: $30,001-$35,000
  • Opus College of Business: $45,001-$50,000
  • School of Education: $30,001-$35,000
  • School of Engineering: $55,001-$60,000
  • School of Social Work: $35,001-$40,000

The complete report, which includes employers, job titles, graduate schools and state of residence, may be viewed on the Career Development Center’s website. Hard copies of this report as well as previous reports may be requested by contacting the Career Development Center, (651) 962-6761.

We also want to remind undergraduate students and alumni that the Career Development Center continues to offer our services even after graduation.