Students planning club for minorities in business

As a school, we have long distinguished ourselves as a leader in business education, and we are in the process of distinguishing ourselves as a leader in our engagement and support of an increasingly diverse professional community, here in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and throughout the Midwest. Therefore it is very timely that we'd see student organizations springing up on our campus in response to the intersection of these two forces.

Our student news site, Tommie Media, recently reported that a group of St. Thomas students are planning a business club for minorities and expect to officially launch it this fall:

Sophomore Sarah Ubani came up with the idea of establishing the business club, which specifically caters to minority students.

“I just found it interesting that St. Thomas, being a school known for business, did not have a business club specifically for students of color,” Ubani said. “Many other schools have an established club for minorities, yet St. Thomas doesn’t.”

Ubani collaborated with sophomore Nyajal Dup to create a club constitution, but the duo have yet to come up with an official club name. The organization expects to be recognized as an official club by the Undergraduate Student Government in fall 2013.

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