Career Development Center Launches new Site With Mobile Enhancements

As the new semester begins, change takes place across the campus – including in the Career Development Center. We are pleased to announce our newest measures to make our resources more easily accessible to visitors and students using mobile devices: the implementation of Quick Response (QR) codes and upgrades to our resource sites such as Blackboard.

We have placed QR codes on many of our print and online resource pages allowing the page to easily be “transferred” to a smart phone for mobile viewing.

Using a reader app, students may snap a picture of the QR code from a lab or personal computer screen and easily bookmark it for later use while riding the UST shuttle bus or resting in the quad. Resource pages equipped with a QR code include our Guides, Tip Sheets and “Careers for My Major.” If a QR code reader is not installed on the phone, a short, 13-character Web address also is provided – much easier to type than the normal 45 to 50 characters.

The Career Development Center also received an added benefit during IRT’s Blackboard upgrade this summer. The new Blackboard Learn site is now mobile friendly, allowing visitors the ability to browse a site optimized to fit a smartphone screen. All of the materials on our normal site, including handouts, Guides, Tip Sheets and MP3s also are linked on our Blackboard site.

Desktop and mobile users may go to Blackboard, log in and find the Career Development Center’s Community page under Student Services in the Organization Catalog. To quickly access the Career Blackboard Community without logging in, use the guest view by just clicking on the Community tab from the login page.

There is no need to remember all of the various ways to find information on our site. Our new site design makes all of our information collections easily accessible as it is the hub of the Career Development Center’s services and resources. Just click here ( or scan our QR code and bookmark the site today!

QR code, Career Development Center

QR code, Career Development Center