Center for Business Excellence announces four programs to begin Sept. 7, 8

Center for Business Excellence announces four programs to begin Sept. 7, 8

The Center for Business Excellence announces three programs that will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 7: “Supply Chain Quality Management Certificate Series,” “Life Leadership Circles for Women Managers,” and the Mini MBA® Program, as well as the Mini Masters in Retailing Excellence to begin Sept. 8. UST alumni receive a 33 percent discount.

“Supply Chain Quality Management” certificate series

Now more than ever, business success cannot be achieved without effective supplier relationships. Purchased components and materials account for as much as 80 percent of the cost of manufactured goods. Customers are pressuring for lower-cost, higher-quality products. Products and sub-assemblies are being outsourced to increase capacity. Managing all of these demands requires a systemic approach to working with suppliers.

Heavily weighted toward application in a manufacturing environment, this seven-week series presents the essential elements of an effective supplier quality-management system needed to ensure high quality, streamline throughput and lower the total cost of purchased parts, materials and products.

Topics include:

  • Supply Quality Management Principles
  • Systems Assessments
  • Performance Measurement
  • Corrective Action
  • Risk Assessment
  • Inspection Correlation
  • Supplier Certification

For more information and to register, contact the Center for Business Excellence, (651) 962-4600, or visit this series’ Web site.

“Life Leadership Circles for Women Managers”

The center also is offering a unique program for experienced women managers, “Life Leadership Circles for Women Managers.”

Participants will meet with the same group of women leaders for six half-day sessions over a three-month period and be able to reap the benefits of building supportive professional relationships while working in a positive atmosphere. Participants share challenges, experiment with new ideas, hold each other accountable for key actions and celebrate successes.

The sessions are customized based on the needs of the leaders in each group.

Topics typically include:

  • Handling Conflict
  • Leading From Your Strengths
  • Managing Up
  • Negotiating
  • Leadership Presence
  • Making a Difference
  • Accountability


  • Obtain increased confidence in handling leadership challenges
  • Have time to reflect and plan
  • Learn from the experience of other women leaders
  • Develop leadership coaching skills
  • Build new strategies
  • Enjoy a supportive forum to discuss critical issues
  • Step more fully into your power

For more information or to register, contact the Center for Business Excellence at (651) 962-4600 or visit this program’s Web site.

Mini MBA Program

The Mini MBA Program is designed to provide you with a practical foundation in current business theories and practices in an intensive 14-week format. The breadth of this program will help you develop a broad understanding of functional areas outside your normal activities and professional training. Through case studies, lectures, problem-solving exercises, and interactive classroom sessions, you will obtain the knowledge you need to meet challenges and seize opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Accounting and Finance for Management Decision Making
  • Business Ethics Issues
  • Economics, Markets, Organizations and Management Strategies
  • Fundamentals of Total Quality Management
  • Leadership Practices
  • Legal and Social Environments of Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management Strategy and Implementation
  • Marketing Management
  • Learning and Personal Development
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Analysis and Change
  • Continuing Your Learning Journey

For more information or to register, contact the Center for Business Excellence, (651) 962-4600, or visit the center’s Mini MBA Program Web page.

Mini Master of Retailing Excellence

The Mini Master of Retailing Excellence that begins on Sept. 8 will examine retail employee’s need for a comprehensive education in the retail industry. Part of a vital economic activity, retail professionals increasingly need to understand the foundations, concepts and techniques that form the basis for the retail industry and how the many parts of the retail enterprise interrelate.

The Mini Master of Retailing Excellence is the first program of its kind to be offered in the Midwest. The program was developed in consultation with retail executives and is delivered by top instructors in their areas of expertise. The Mini Master of Retailing Excellence helps retail professionals gain a comprehensive understanding of contemporary retailing, action-oriented skills, and knowledge that immediately can help them positively influence their organization.

Topics include:

  • Foundations of Retailing
  • Retail Industry Structure
  • Retail Consumer Behavior
  • Retail Marketing and Financial Strategies
  • Retail Financial Management
  • Merchandise Management
  • Location Analysis and Planning
  • Creating the Retail Environment
  • Driving Retail Sales
  • Improving Operational Results
  • Non-Store Retailing
  • Service Issues
  • Understanding Retail Technology
  • Managing the Retail Enterprise

For more information or to register, contact the Center for Business Excellence, (651) 962-4600, or visit the center’s Mini Master of Retailing Excellence Web page.