CILCE Corner: Tutor-Mentor Program Teachers Give Thanks

As the semester is winding down, my time here at St. Thomas is limited. I will be graduating in December and will have to find a “real job” outside the walls of the CILCE Center. As the students around me participate in the reflection sessions set up by their programs, I have also taken a moment to contemplate what I have learned so far. One of the biggest pieces I will be taking away from this job is my respect for the students involved in the Tutor-Mentor Program. And I am not alone. Recently, our office has begun to receive emails overflowing with praise from teachers who partner with Tutor-Mentor. 

Terri Kramar, a kindergarten teacher at Community of Peace Academy writes: “I really enjoyed having Sarah [Smith] as a tutor. She always came in with a smile and was willing to help out with whatever she could. The kids really enjoyed working with her! She was very respectful and kind.”

Tutor-Mentor Maureen Harrington received this email from Groveland Park Elementary teacher Katherine Williams: “I wish there were a dozen more volunteers like Maureen. Even though she is an English major, she jumped into math without fear. When she wasn’t as familiar with the topics, she came up with an excellent solution – borrowing a sheet of notes. While such an act might not seem like much, so many people would just sit back and say they couldn’t, but Maureen found a way to make it work. She is happy and pleasant and it was great to have her around.  I wish her luck with all her future endeavors!”

Judy Long from Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center expressed her appreciation for her students, thanking Joe DeMeyer and Adam Ewald “for stepping up to the responsibility, enthusiasm, and leadership.”

In another touching response, Anne McCarney from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School writes: “Having Will Miller working as a tutor with our Writers’ Workshop has been delightful!  He is a very personable young man, and the students love working with him.”

Partway through the semester Will’s students were asked if they worked well with him or wanted to change. All of the students replied that they liked him so much that they would be upset if they had to work with a different tutor.

Of the general program, Anne wrote: “Having college students mentor our students opens them up to the world of college and makes it real to them. Will is the kind of college student we’d love them to emulate.”

I have to say that my experience with the students involved with Tutor-Mentor Program has been much the same. Our program has some of the most talented, dedicated students at St. Thomas. I have been impressed at how much they are willing to give.

If you are interested in participating next semester, or want to know more about the program, stop by the CILCE Center in Room 153, Murray-Herrick Campus Cente, and ask to talk with one of our student directors. Applications are now available by clicking here. They are due Monday, Feb. 14. If you want to find out more about the program, call (651) 962-6800, or email CILCE.