Father Dennis Dease speaks during the Opening Doors capital campaign closing event. Dease announced his retirement May 10 after 22 years in office. (Photo by Mike Ekern '02)

Depth of Field: Photo Services' Best Photos of 2012

Simple blades of prairie grass silhouetted in the moments before night. The exultation of an improbable victory. A firm touch as a final goodbye. We've picked these moments, and the others you see here, from the more than 5,000 we collected in 2012 as our best of the year. Some images are here because they are as-yet-unseen favorites of our staff. Many are here because we believe them to be outstanding images. Still others were picked because of the important event or person they represent from this year.

As St. Thomas photographers we are privileged to capture these moments. We get to deal with what, to me, is still a magical process where the infinite string of time can be captured, however imperfectly, on a finite medium and shown to others. Even as the sheer volume of photography each of us is exposed to exponentially increases, the power of a single well-done image to show you something new - or something old in a new way - remains. If just some of the images in this collection do that, then we've succeeded in meeting the highest of the goal we've set for ourselves: showing St. Thomas to itself.

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