Faculty Profile: Dr. Teresa Rothausen-Vange

If you are a CPA or an aspiring CPA and you feel daunted by the exams, consider yourself lucky that at least you can take the exams electronically. Dr. Teresa Rothausen-Vange attained her CPA, passing all four exams on her first attempt, using pencil and paper.

Dr. Rothausen-Vange’s bachelor’s degree was in economics from St. Olaf, and her Ph.D. was in human resources and industrial relations from the University of Minnesota. She began her career at Arthur Andersen & Co and has taught at Texas A&M and the University of Minnesota prior to beginning what has been 14 years of excellent pedagogy in the Opus College of Business (OCB) at St. Thomas.

One of Dr. Rothausen-Vange’s great accomplishments in the OCB was her success as the inaugural director of the Full-time UST MBA Program in 2003, a program that has seen tremendous growth in national and international reputation over the last eight years. While holding many "extra-curricular" positions in the OCB, Dr. Rothausen-Vange has continued her research, which focuses in two key areas. First, in her words, "the intersection of people’s larger lives and their sense of meaning and purpose with their organizational lives," and second, "leadership and the formation and development of leaders."

This latter area of research is critical in today’s business climate, and it is one of the distinguishing factors of the OCB, according to Dr. Rothausen-Vange. She states, "I believe strongly that a business education supported with a values-based foundation is among the very necessary steps that can change some of the disconcerting trends in business leadership over the past several decades. Right now, business leaders are some of the least trusted leaders across professions. This has to change. OCB is well-positioned to lead on this."

We are thrilled to have Dr. Rothausen-Vange here to shape the business leaders of tomorrow. Congratulations Dr. Rothausen-Vange on your new appointment as the Susan E. Heckler Endowed Chair in Management. We look forward to many more years with you!