Find Your Favorite Flavor of Lemonade ... for Christmas?

Twice a year, St. Thomas students in the Entrepreneurship 200 "Lemonade Stand" class present business ideas to a panel of judges as part of their in-class final. These students must bring a product or service to revenue in one semester. Some cool companies, like TrueYou, Love Your Melon, Apawllo, Bourbon Blocks, EB Boardz, Lake Life Apparel, The NICE Collab and more got their start in that class.

What does the 2015 Fall class bring to the table? Glad you asked.

Find out at the inaugural Lemonade Stand Showcase, this Tuesday, Dec. 8 and Thursday, Dec. 10, during the Convo Hour in Anderson Student Center! The Entrepreneurship 200 students have been working on their small business startups all semester and are really gaining steam ahead of their final pitch presentations on the 15th. This event will showcase a number of these student-run businesses displaying products for the St. Thomas community. Stop by and check them out and maybe pick up a Christmas gift as well!

The event will be on the second floor of ASC (Campus Way) on Tuesday and in Scooters on Thursday. Groups will vary from day to day so be sure to check them out each day and support your fellow entrepreneurs!