Graduate on Time: Create a Four-year Academic Plan

Do you plan to graduate in a four-year time frame? Are you "planning"? Academic counselors are available to create four-year academic plans for students who:

  • Worry about selecting the right courses to meet all graduation requirements.
  • Are curious to know all the possible options for the various core curriculum requirements or major field electives.
  • Are passionate about a certain field and wonder if it is feasible to complete a double major or add a minor.
  • Wish for assistance in putting their academic plan in writing.

A four-year plan will help ensure that all graduation requirements are met in the right order and at the right time. Four-year plans can become a useful road map that will allow students and their faculty advisers to focus on learning and personal development.

Call Academic Counseling, (651) 962-6300, to schedule a four-year planning meeting with a knowledgeable staff member.

For more information email Drew Puroway.