Dr. Heidi Giebel, associate professor in the Philosophy Department, will speak at this month’s Philosophy Colloquium on Tuesday, Oct. 18. The presentation,“In Search of the Missing Virtue: Benevolence and the Ethics of Thomas Aquinas,” will be held from noon to 1 p.m. in Room 126, John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts. Everyone is welcome.

Geibel notes that St. Thomas Aquinas’ ethical theory includes a persuasive defense of four traditional cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. It does not, however, include an account of another seemingly important virtue: benevolence.

She will examine options for locating benevolence within Thomas’ framework and will suggest a minor modification to Thomistic virtue ethics that would allow a more natural place for benevolence, along with a few related virtues.

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