‘Do a Green Dot’ to Help Reduce Personal Violence on Campus

The UST Green Dot violence-prevention initiative was launched successfully in spring 2013 with 14 Green Dot presentations that were given to various groups of students, staff and faculty. UST Green Dot hosted an intensive full-day training workshop in April attended by 15 students who were nominated by staff, faculty and peers.

Overall, student reaction to UST Green Dot has been positive and enthusiastic; students have left presentations or training sessions committed to “doing a Green Dot” or, in other words, doing what they can to reduce the rate of power-based personal violence (sexual assault, physical assault and stalking) on campus and encouraging others to do the same.

Bystander Training

UST Green Dot will hold two Bystander Training workshops this academic year (choose one):

  • Saturday, Nov. 2
  • Saturday, April 12

To register for either workshop, to get involved or to request a brief Green Dot presentation for a UST club, organization or department, send an email or visit the UST Green Dot website.