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Highlighting Female Veterans at St. Thomas

St Thomas, in cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences history and women's studies programs, the Luann Dummer Center for Women, and Veterans Services, has focused on female military veterans for the academic year 2018-2019. This is a chance to highlight these brave individuals and look at their particular point of view.

This project has included podcasts where we interview female veterans in a on-on-one setting. Guests speakers Molly White and Kay Bauer have visited St. Thomas and shared their experiences with a wide variety of audiences.

This project culminated in a viewing of the film "Blood Stripe" on April 15. We have had such wonderful response to our events this year. Our speakers have touched so many. Several military nurses have come and mentioned how much Kay Bauer, Army nurse in Vietnam, and her message, meant to them. Hearing Molly's talk on her experiences as an Airman in the Air Force has still brought responses from those who attended the Feminist Friday talk, one which produced a standing room only audience in the Women's Center.

Our podcasts have been revealing in showing the experiences of our female veterans and their time as service members. We are privileged to have such a population from which we can learn from and honor.

Check out the Speaking with Veterans podcast at:
Episodes include:
Allison's Marine Experience
Liela's Air Force Background
Kari's Time in the Air Force
Ana's Army and Family Legacy
Maggie's Identity in the Army