Catherine Grant, greenhouse manager in the Biology Department and co-founder of the Pollinator Path, looks over some of the native plant gardens she grew on south campus. Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

In the News: Catherine Grant on Gardening This Spring

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Greenhouse Manager at St. Thomas Catherine Grant joined Angela Davis on MPR News to discuss gardening this spring. She offers advice on what types of plants are best in the Minnesota climate, and how gardeners can adjust to climate change.

From the interview:
So we want to increase the amount of forage there are for early spring bees. And you can do that in multiple ways. But most of us have lawns, and if you have flowers growing in your lawn, please for the month of May, just ignore the itch to get your lawnmower out. I’m ignoring the itch myself right now, because I can see a lumpy lawn out there with things growing in it.

Let flowers bloom and provide habitat for the early emerging bees and also just go try to sit down and calm yourself (laughter) and notice that there are bees that are flying to and fro amongst those things that you think are weeds and a sign of bad homeownership. It’s actually that you’re providing habitat for them.