School of Law Professor Jerry Organ poses for a portrait in front of the School of Law Building in Minneapolis on July 19, 2017.

In the News: Jerry Organ on Law School Admission Rates

Law professor Jerry Organ spoke with the National Jurist on the rising admission rates of law schools in the nation and how that will affect future job opportunities for lawyers.

From the article: Sure, that’s the story for every class, but this one is different. It’s bigger. A good number of schools — hit with an avalanche of qualified prospective students — increased enrollment. In all, first-year J.D. enrollment went up nearly 10% from the previous year. But the job market is more impacted by employer needs than the number of job candidates.

“This significant increase in first-year students in the fall 2021 entering class likely means that, across the country three years from now, there will be roughly 4,000 more law school graduates than in the graduating classes in 2019 and 2020,” wrote Jerry Organ, a legal education expert, in an analysis on TaxProfBlog.