In the News: Joel Johnson on Managing Two Organizations Simultaneously

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St. Thomas women's hockey head coach Joel Johnson wrote a column for the Star Tribune offering advice on how to successfully run two organizations simultaneously.

From the column: First, hire great people. More than that, avoid the temptation to micromanage, as your time is limited. Have confidence in your team to delegate and let go.

Next, don't allow either organization to consume your life. For those with a spouse or kids, the opportunity needs to be at the right time; you need the support network of loved ones to make it work. If there isn't a healthy balance between the professional and personal side, there's a possibility of not succeeding in either.

Third, be where your feet are. Practice mindfulness; you need to be present both physically and mentally. While there certainly are going to be distractions, I struggled the most when my mind was not where my feet were.