Manjeet Rege.
Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

In the News: Manjeet Rege on ChatGPT and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Manjeet Rege, professor and chair of the Department of Software Engineering and Data Science, and director of the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at the University of St. Thomas, recently spoke with WCCO-TV and FOX 9 about ChatGPT and the potential applications of AI software in the near future.

From FOX 9:

“ChatGPT is a chatbot like you might have interacted with for customer service online, but it’s very advanced. He can write computer code or an original essay about Alan Turing. It might be problematic in the educational sphere.”


“In my view, the future of search could be a hybrid approach where you have a query, you get a number of results back, but instead of the user going through each one of those results and then drilling down, you end up getting much more summarized information, which is conversational.”