Manjeet Rege.
Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

In the News: Manjeet Rege on the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Apps

Manjeet Rege, professor and chair of the Department of Software Engineering and Data Science at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering, recently spoke with WCCO Radio about artificial intelligence applications like Lensa and ChatGPT, and the concerns associated with their increased use.

From the story:

Vineeta Sawkar, WCCO Radio: "I know there's pushback, as well, from artists, who are concerned that this app (Lensa) is stealing from artist renderings, as well."

Rege: "Exactly. Because it is learning from a particular style that already exists, maybe created by another artist, and it is creating new content based on that. And the original artist may not have the intellectual property rights on this new content that has been inspired from the original content."