In the News: President Rob Vischer on the Importance of Financial Aid Parity in Higher Ed

University of St. Thomas President Rob Vischer recently spoke with the Star Tribune about state-funded financial aid for low-income families, and the importance of extending that support to not limit options for students.

Vischer joined St. Thomas students during a recent visit with legislators at the Minnesota Capitol to advocate for the proposed Promise Equalization Scholarships.

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From the story:

Lawmakers who supported North Star Promise said they wanted to encourage more students to study and eventually work in Minnesota, reverse years of enrollment declines that strained some schools’ finances, and reduce racial and economic disparities in higher education.

But private college leaders, whose students are not eligible for North Star Promise, say they have a crucial role to play in that effort, adding that about one-third of low- and middle-income students who attend a four-year school choose a private, nonprofit college.

“It’s just a different environment,” Vischer said, noting that some students might be drawn to private schools’ smaller class sizes and specific academic programs.